Practice Management Group

It’s Time to Grow and Sustain
a Successful Practice!

Practice Management Coaching Group

You Deserve to THRIVE as a result of your commitment and passion for healing your clients. There is a way to be profitable and not compromise the quality of your care for your patients or your own well being! Effective planning and focused marketing clears the way for you to deliver exceptional patient care. Each week we will guide you through a step-by-step approach specifically designed to increase your bottom line.

Benefits you will receive from our dynamic, interactive Coaching Group:

  • Create a clear sales strategy that will increase your net profit by 20%
  • Increase in retention and referral business
  • Tools to help with time management – bypassing overwhelm and burnout
  • Lear how to create a strong brand identity
  • How to lead effective talks and sign up new patients
  • Balance quality of life with business of healthcare

Learn to shift the undesirable habits and patterns that continue to sabotage your success in our dynamic, interactive group.

  • Program Investment $350 per month
  • Program Format: 1-hout group coaching calls every Wednesday evenings 6:00 to 7:00pm Mountain Time
  • PLUS 2 individual half hour coaching calls per month!

To register call:

(415) 259-9910
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